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Pulse in Action – Portal Use Scenarios

Trianz Pulse is a digital workplace solution designed for clients, vendors, franchises, and partners to collaborate and communicate via a single centralized environment.

The Future of Workspaces is Now

In Pulse, users can access intranet services, track tasks or projects, access a team social network, and find their most-used business applications and tools. Additionally, project files and documents can be shared seamlessly through the platform with clients, vendors, and partners.

Key stakeholders have a wealth of functionality available to orchestrate distributed teams in Pulse. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses into remote work arrangements. Pulse is designed to simplify remote workforce management, lessening the burden of the new normal. Leaders can process pending approvals across the business and follow up on leadership tasks with monitoring and tracking functions. From there, business, workforce, and engagement analytics allow leaders to generate insights on KPIs and SLAs, workforce productivity, and engagement levels across teams.

Even when teams are working at home, leaders can have the same visibility as in the office with Pulse!

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Employee Intranets and Digital Workforce Solutions

The pandemic has brought a fundamental shift in the workplace. Companies are actively investing in the well-being of the employees, clients, partners, suppliers and franchisees – while helping them with secure system access and collaboration tools – preparing beyond the immediate crisis.

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Developing a Client Collaboration Portal in Pulse

A client collaboration portal typically exists when vendors are providing supplementary services to clients. For a creative writing agency, they may have a client portal containing blog requests, points of contact, historical content archives, collaborative word processing tools, videoconferencing solutions, and marketing KPIs.

For instance, this would help a marketing agency to monitor projects, contact clients, resend old project files, and collaborate when proofreading or editing deliverables. Similarly, the client can receive updates on finalized content, access old documents, provide real-time feedback, or speak directly with writers.

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Building a Franchise Collaboration Intranet and Workplace

An intranet and digital workplace environment is hugely beneficial for franchises. Franchisors can share all relevant information with franchisee partners using an intranet, and franchisees can disseminate this information to employees to form a productive workforce consensus.

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Building a Partner Solutions Portal in Pulse

A partner solutions portal takes relevant information relating to the partnered product or service and makes it available bilaterally to both parties. This promotes collaboration and ensures that both partners, despite being different entities, are on the same page. This also means employees from both partner entities can access info, share updates, and communicate with colleagues across the company.

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Build a Mutually Beneficial Vendor Collaboration Platform in Pulse

A vendor collaboration portal helps buyers and sellers to form a mutually beneficial consensus on finance, pricing, supply quantities, delivery deadlines, payment methods, and more.

For example, a supermarket collaborates with numerous vendors to build its own product portfolio. It must orchestrate purchases, deliveries, reconciliation for expired goods, and constantly re-negotiate prices to optimize this direct procurement process. Without this work, other competitors will out-negotiate and procure better vendor sources, putting the focus business at risk.

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Integrate with the tools you already use

Featuring integrations with today's most popular third-party tools, Pulse provides stakeholders with access to all the technology they need right at their fingertips, all in a centralized environment.

To accomplish this, Pulse has partnered with Workgrid, a leading force in enterprise software development. Our partnership allows us to streamline and connect users with the tools they need to stay engaged and productive, no matter where they are.

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