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Reimagine the Digital Workplace with Trianz Pulse

The accelerated pace of technology-driven disruption is redefining work, workforce, and workplace as well. Today, workplace is no longer confined to the office space and workforce is expanding beyond the organizational boundaries with clients, tech vendors, suppliers, and partners becoming an essential part of organizations’ human capital continuum.

Digital communication and collaboration tools have bridged geographical distance, virtual desktops and web applications have brought desired and secure flexibility and scalability of business operations and systems, and COVID-19 driven remote/hybrid work mandates have proven that with a robust strategy and systems of engagement and collaboration in place, remote/hybrid work models work and in fact can be a source of competitive advantage.

COVID-19 has brought in a seismic-level disruption in workplace and has forced HR and other business leaders to scale up efforts to ensure business continuity. The rapidly changing environment demands a reimagination of the workplace and treating employees as customers. Research studies have confirmed that digital workplace and experiences are critical not just for employee engagement, but also for the overall success of digital transformation efforts. Another key revelation is that only 7% of companies across industries understand the true definition of digital transformation, which is about reimagining value propositions and delivering great experiences to all stakeholders, especially their workforce.

To help organizations with their workplace transformation, Trianz has launched Pulse, a reimagination of the workplace that integrates productivity apps, collaboration platforms, enterprise analytics, social media, and managerial tools - all into a single digital platform and super-app for employees, clients, partners, suppliers, franchisees, and more.

With Pulse, enterprises can bring a decentralized and distributed workforce together in a centralized digital workplace, driving enterprise-wide productivity and collaboration. Employees can access key applications, collaborate with colleagues, and manage meetings—simply by keeping their fingers on the Pulse.

Current Challenges in the Digital Workplace

Over the years, most organizations have piled up disparate systems/tools of engagement and collaboration that have proven to be a hurdle to their digital transformation efforts. Outdated communication and collaboration systems prevent employees and other stakeholders from performing their work efficiently, often causing avoidable frustration and stress and eventually suboptimal business outcomes. Employees struggle to locate and access key applications and information, business leaders lack visibility into the status of key initiatives, and the IT department ends up wasting precious resource bandwidth in patching and managing diverse systems. COVID-19 further reinforced the need for a robust and flexible workplace model that can help organizations navigate through the challenges of remote /hybrid work models, ensure workforce productivity, engagement, and prepare for the post-pandemic normal.

Current Challenges in the Digital Workplace

Driving Workforce Performance with Pulse

Pulse is the one-stop solution for enterprises that are looking to embrace the digital workplace and drive workforce collaboration. A rich set of features allows users to access enterprise applications, collaborate with colleagues, manage meetings, and track projects - all through a combination of data analytics, seamless integration, and robust workflow automation.

Driving Workforce Performance with Pulse

The platform is designed to assist individual users, teams, and other stakeholders to collaborate and manage their workflows seamlessly while enabling business leaders to effectively monitor and take action to cultivate a digital culture:


Pulse collapses different intranet platforms into one integrated and customizable platform to drive workforce engagement with seamless internal communications. Pulse users can access News, Info, Polls, Announcements, and Policy information via both an iOS and Android App as well as on the web anywhere in the world. Pulse provides the desired scalability and flexibility to augment productivity, saves time from travel/commute, and ensures employees stay focused on activities and outcomes that matter.


Users can access all enterprise, custom, and third-party software applications from a single pane of glass with further capabilities like single-sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and self-service functionality ensuring secure access and operations.

Business Social

An enterprise social network can foster collaboration, drive engagement, and increase the well-being of the workforce. Pulse delivers rich Business Social networking and outreach functionality where employees can share posts and images, join groups, discuss in forums, and RSVP or learn about corporate events.


Leaders get access to powerful analytics functionalities natively in Pulse with options to integrate with third-party independent software vendor (ISV) tools. The result is rich insight generation around workforce satisfaction and productivity, a better understanding of KPI and SLAs, and project and task-level analytics to keep initiatives on track.

Using Pulse, the entire workforce at Trianz was able to work from home safely during the COVID-19 pandemic . Other enterprises can similarly benefit from a data-driven digital workplace solution.

Trianz’s research findings have revealed that talent transformation is the #1 predictor of the success of digital transformation. The rapidly changing environment demands a reimagination of the workplace and treating employees as customers and Pulse can help realize this vision. Furthermore, the Trianz experts can tailor Pulse to your specific business needs using human capital digital benchmarking using our proprietary Digital Enterprise Evolution Model – or DEEM™ – and compares enterprises against industry leaders across five different levels of IT maturity.

Managed New Normal with a Digital Workplace

Digital workplace and experiences are critical not just for employee engagement, but also for overall DT success. Remote / hybrid workplace models are here to stay and will likely be key to thriving in the post-pandemic New Normal. Pulse is the end-to-end digital workplace solution that can deliver an endearing employee experience, reimagined culture, and optimal business outcomes.

Bring your people together and centralize their work life. Find out what Pulse can do for you registering for a free demo today!